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Jeff Wolf Nationally Acclaimed Speaker

For keynotes, workshops, breakouts, seminars or partner programs for your organization

As a nationally acclaimed professional speaker Jeff Wolf delivers powerful, stimulating, humorous and interactive presentations.

As one of America’s most dynamic speakers, he has motivated, inspired and educated thousands of people on a wide variety of topics.


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Custom Speaking Programs

As a former CEO and working with some of the largest corporations in the country, Jeff's perspective is informed, yet sensitive, business oriented yet personally directed. His professional presentations are illustrated with anecdotes and stories of real life experiences he has learned in corporate America to reinforce the fundamental ideas he presents in a common sense easy way. Jeff’s unique wit, deep insight, and commitment to the development of quality principles and growth help people at every level of an organization make a real difference in the workplace.

His high-energy presentations are not only interesting and entertaining, but he presents strategies and techniques that people can immediately apply to improve their business and personal life.

Influenced Dramatic Growth

During the past ten years Jeff‘s passionate messages have captivated audiences providing principles, strategies and inspiration that have influenced dramatic growth and changes in hundreds of organizations.

What clients are saying about Jeff

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Jeff's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Leadership speaking topics:

  • Seven Disciplines of a Leader
  • Leading in Today's VUCA world
  • 5 Critical Questions Senior Leaders Should Be Asking
  • 6 Leadership Traits That Build Effective Teams
  • How Visions Become Shared
  • EQ: A Key to Successful Leadership
  • Understanding Millennials: America's Next Great Generation
  • Innovation is Everyone's Responsibility
  • Leadership in Crisis: 8 Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls  
  • How to Lead During Tough Economic Times
  • Never Stop Developing People
  • Culture and Engagement Go Hand-in-Hand
  • Fear of Failure is Dangerous 
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders – A Must in Today’s Workplace
  • How to Lead a Diverse and Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Leading Effective Change – It’s Not All the Process
  • Creating and Leading High Performance Teams
  • Motivation – What is it and How to Create it in Others
  • Becoming the Great Leader Everyone Wants to Work For
  • How to be a Great Supervisor
  • How to Present Like a World Class Leader and Make an Impact
  • Time Management – How Effective Leaders Manage Time
  • Your Personal Management Style and the Impact on Others
  • The Importance of Communicating Your Vision
  • Communication Techniques Every Leader Must Have
  • Avoiding the Micro-Management Challenge – Learning How to Let Go
  • Leading with Values – Walking the Talk
  • How to Be an Inspirational Leader

Sales and Customer Relations speaking topics:

  • How to Make Your Customers Love Your Company
  • The Consultative Approach to New Business
  • How to Build Customer Trust and Loyalty
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • The Essence of Effective Selling
  • Selling in Tough Economic Times
  • Investing in Customer Satisfaction During Economic Uncertainty
  • Winning Customers – Retention, Growing and Selling
  • Customer Focused Strategies
  • Effective Selling and People Skills

Workplace speaking topics:

  •  Employee Engagement During Tough Economic Times
  • Are You Building Leaders for Tomorrow?
  • Engaged Performance: The Key To a High Performance Culture
  • Becoming a Great Place to Work
  • Coaching for Organizational Excellence – The Impact of Coaching on the Bottom Line
  • Reducing Turnover and Retaining High Performers
  • How to Build a Winning Corporate Culture
  • Creating Organizational Excitement
  • Winning the War for Talent
  • It’s All About People
  • Little Things Mean A Lot
  • No More Jerks at Work
  • Fun and Work Often Seem to be an Oxymoron – Why Fun Must Be a Strategic Initiative
  • Energizing Your Workforce to Higher Productivity and Profits
  • Employee Engagement: Running on 1/3 People Power
  • Treating Employees Like Customers
  • How to Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People
  • How to Attract the Next Generation of Workers
  • Training and Development – The Key to a Productive Workforce
  • Building Highly Effective and Motivated Teams
  • The Impact of Layoffs on Remaining Employees

General Business speaking topics:

  •  Creating a Performance Driven Organization
  • Talent Management in Times of Uncertainty
  • Talent: The Silver Lining for Companies Struggling in the Recession
  • Breaking Away from the Competition and Driving Innovation in a Down Economy
  • Keeping People Up When Everything Else is Down
  • Positioning Your Business for Growth During Tough Economic Times
  • The Keys to Building a Great Organization
  • Breaking the Rules and Thinking Out of the Box
  • The Human Connection in Our High Tech Era
  • Coaching Your Team to Victory
  • Reaching Around the Organization to the Front Line
  • You’re In a Family Business – How to Lead, How to Follow and How to Get Along
  • Developing Trust and Instilling Confidence in Your Employees
  • How to Do More with Less
  • Teamwork – You Can’t Succeed Without It
  • How to Speed Up Your Collection Process

Personal and Motivational speaking topics:

  •  Maintaining Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Your Time and Getting More Done
  • Sharpening Your Competitive Edge
  • Discovering Your Passion
  • Positive Attitudes – You are What You Think You are
  • Managing Energy – The Key to High Performance
  • Improving Your Mental and Physical Well-Being
  • The Power of Being Proactive
  • Managing Debt Wisely
  • Reducing Stress in our Frantic Fast-Paced Global Business World

Legal – Business Development speaking topics:

  •  Successful Rainmakers are Made not Born
  • The Top 10 Tips for Business Development Success
  • Rainmaking During Tough Economic Times
  • The Consultative Approach to Business Development
  • Prospecting and Targeting – Find Your Niche
  • Networking – The Gift that Keeps on Giving
  • Speaking and Writing – How to Position Yourself as an Expert
  • Presentation Skills – How to Make a Compelling Presentation to a Client or the Public
  • The Art of Building Rapport
  • Creating a Strategy that Works – Making a Plan and Working Your Plan
  • How to Build Your Own Networking Group and Why it is So Important
  • Client Satisfaction – It All Starts Here
  • The Elevator Speech – Don’t Leave Home Without It
  • Asking for the Business and Referral
  • Success Stories – What Works and What Doesn’t – Real Life Examples from Clients


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